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Astec Roofing

We at A1 Roofing pride ourselves in our state of the art roofing practices. That’s why we are a premium provider of Astec roofs.  Astec Re-Ply Roofing is a fluid based membrane systems used for the restoration of roofs, walls, and other industrial surfaces. To the untrained eye, it appears as though we are painting your roofing. Roofing with Astec provides several advantages to the home and business.

Benefits Include:

  • Installation Savings: Can save costs of roof replacement and facility downtime.
  • Energy Savings: Surpasses reflectivity requirements for the Energy Star label, while maximizing quicker heat emissivity and dissipation.
  • A 10-Year Renewable Warranty: The durability of our waterproof protection is sustainable and guaranteed — in writing — for labor and materials.
  • All-Climate Stability: Re-Ply™ surfaces retain their flexible, watertight superiority in hot or cold, wet or dry extremes.